Howdy people,

I decided to move all job related posts to this blog because I want to restrict my other blog Me, Myself & I to personal stuff only.

I would like to lay down a few ground rules. This has been made neccessary by my experiences posting vacancies on my other blog.

  1. This blog is not supported by any company. It is a personal effort to disseminate information concerning vacancies to Nigerian Youth.
  2. I would advise that you read the posts carefully and follow the laid down instructions.
  3. Restrict your comments to actual comments i.e Comments about the design of this blog, commendation, thanks, confirmation of getting a job via this blog, your feelings concerning a post (whether positive or negative).
  4. DO NOTfor whatever reason post your CV on this blog as posting your CV here is a waste of both my time and yours.

Failure to adhere strictly to these rules will mean that I have to take drastic action which could include one or more of the following:

  1. I will make a comlaint about spam to your ISP or your Email provider.
  2. I will blacklist and/or ban your email address and/or IP address fromposting comments on this blog.
  3. I will disable comments on this blog completely.
  4. I will delete this blog and abandon the idea of posting vacancies.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but what would you do if you check your email in the morning and you have one persons CV sent to you 5 times because he was posting his CV as a comment for 5 different post, even after reading the instructions. 

I trust that you'll all take this in good faith. 

Nuff luv.